Smart Call Dialer

To download the App click here or on the App icon.

    Smart Dialer allows you to search for contact and number in fewer keyboard strokes. You can search for a contact and if not found in your contact list, dial the number on the same screen. The keypad used is a number keypad that were used in conventional cell phones. Now, you can also change the theme of the application depending on how you want it to look. Also recently added the Speed Dial feature. How is it better than the other inbuilt contact search tools?? Try it to find out.

    On initial start give the App a few seconds to update its cache, then you can just zoom to the contact that you want to call. You can search use number or alphabets to search for contacts. Both using the same key pad.


  • Contact Widgets on Home-screen
  • Speed Dial
  • Custom Key Pad
  • contact name search using T9 keypad
  • contact number search using T9 Keypad
  • Personalize using pleasant themes
  • Call or send SMS to the selected contact faster.

    Please provide feed backups on what changes or what new you want to be added to the application to make your experience better. Thank you.

Screen grab of first launch guide.

Screen grab.

Screen grab of the settings section.

Screen grab showing the search in action.

Screen grab of the list of speed dial numbers.

Screen grab of theme selector.

Screen grab of the on screen widget.

Screen grab of the widget selection process.