Doctor’s Diary

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    The fact that you can pull reports on various parameters from your patient and consultation database is what sets this app on a level much higher than the rest of its kind. The report section allows you to get various reports in PDF as well as in HTML formats. You will be able to save the reports locally to your phone or to your google drive account. You can also email it as an attachment or simply open it on your device.

    Below is a screen grab from this section.

Screen grab of the reports landing screen.

    The reports are currently 3 types, each one is elaborated below

Patient List

    The Patient List report helps you pull the list of all the patients that are in your patient database. The report on a number of different parameters which includes name, blood group, sex, age or known medical condition. The report will list out all the general information for all the patients that match the search criteria.

Screen grab of the reports section for patient list.

Patient Details

Screen grab of the reports section for patient details.

    The patient details lists all details for a particular patient including the consultation history and attached reports. This report cannot be run against multiple patient at the same time.

Consultation Summary

Screen grab of the reports section for consultation summary.

    The report for consultation summary helps you get an idea as to how many consultations you are doing on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. This report as other can be pulled in PDF or HTML formats.

You can always reach out to us by email to request for more types of reports to be added.