Doctor’s Diary

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    Most of the general physicians today hold multiple clinics and are part of hospital staff as well, this means you have many location address and contact information that'd you would want to share when you are asked for. The "Clinic" section of this App helps you maintain all you Clinic related contact information and also make sharing this information easy all in one place.

    This section of the quick help guide you the section "Clinic". We will look at the various functions that are available. Here is a screen grab from this section.

     The information for every clinic is displayed in separate cards that are displayed one after another. The card can contain information like the name of the clinic, postal address, landmark and phone numbers. There are various buttons included in this section that help you to create, edit, delete and share these cards via email, text/sms or simply copy the contents to the clip board. Each of the buttons available are described below.

Add new Clinic card.

Delete the respective Clinic card

Edit the contents of the respective clinic card

Copy the contents of the repective clinic card to clip board. It can be pasted to any text input on the phone.

Share the card with