You can send in your requests via email. Please include the following details.

  1. Detailed description on how you want the script to work.
  2. Script type to be used(eg: perl, bash, batch, power shell).
  3. OS platform on which the script can be run.
  4. Application name and version in case you want to automate any tasks on a particular application.
  5. Application specific commands with sample outputs.
  6. Minimum inputs to be provided.
  7. Please refer to the terms and conditions mentioned on this page.
Terms and Conditions
  1. The script created via or are free and all rights are reserved by or The scripts created will be published on the website if found appropriate.
  2. The requests will be processed on the basis of first in first out.
  3. There will be no timeline provided, thus kindly do not request for one.
  4. The requestor user is responsible for the testing of the script before deploying it into the production environment. In case of any issue, or are not responsible.