perl script Consolidated Bootstrap report for NetWorker

Collect the NetWorker bootstrap information into one email, format the data into an email and send to the supporting team.

perl script NetWorker Tape report

NetWorker Tape report

perl script Automated NetWorker Checklist Dashboard

This script helps you get a periodical status of your backup infrastructure to help you proactively monitor your infra. The script can be used to gather information from multiple servers and formatting all the information into a single email and sending it to the required recipients.

perl script NetWorker Client Backup Volume Report

This script when run with the applicable switches will grab the backup volume(capacity) information for the past week. This script can be used to analyse the full and incremental backup volume patterns. Also, you can use this script verify the total volume backed up by for a client to be compared to the original volume information during new implementations.

perl script Avamar Health-check Dashboard

This script helps you get a consolidated view of multiple Avamar system services. The script can be run from an UNIX or LINUX system with the following listed prerequisites met and it would collect all the information related to the running grids, consolidate and format it to an email.


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