Hello!! My name is Rovin D'Souza. An IT Engineer by profession, I specialize in Enterprise data protection tools like EMC NetWorker, EMC Avamar and DataDomain etc. I work for a Europe base IT Service Company and have a total of over 9 yrs of expertise in data protection. You can get in touch with me on the EMC Community page, I go by the name Crazyrov there too.
         Born and bought up in Mangalore, Karnataka, INDIA. I spent most of my life in Mangalore, but had to move to Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA in search of a job and stayed there for 6 yrs before getting a job back in my hometown and have been here since then (have been in and out of Mangalore for a while since I changed jobs). Have been happily married to a wonderful women and now with 2 kids I could ask for anything better. I have an amazing group of friends who has been with me through good times and bad. 

         I am not a full time developer, just a hobbyist. I have a passion for developing android apps and have developed quite a few apps that are published in the Google Play Store and On Samsung Apps Store. If you have used my apps before thank you for your Support! If not, go ahead and visit my page on the google play store and give them a try.

         Also, if a fellow 9GAGer is reading this. I am a 9GAGer too. You are amazing, stay amazing.
Disclaimer : The above EMC and Google play logo are used only in representation of my work for the products owned by the companies. This does not in any way represent that I am an employee of these companies or have direct part in the mentioned products.
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